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21.11.2018 / / Literatur & Poesie

I embraced them the other day. Now I feel their might. Yelling at me: „It’s okay! No more fight.“ The demons, these black knights, are here for healing. Raise long lost questions of darkest nights and teach to trust my feeling. Love is about to let go, trust and fantasy. Believe the flow, but don’t fuck the chemistry. Cause souls are divine, supposed to solemnly shine. Leonard Cohen – The…

08.11.2018 / / Literatur & Poesie

Growing older, I understand them. The ghosts, the dark knights inside me.   Driven by excitement, pulled by all horses, pushed by love to life, they reach out for everything in me.   And I follow them. Always. Couldn´t say I dislike them. Must say, they make it hard by times. I embrace them today. Lou Reed