Reboot universe

12.12.2015 / / Literatur & Poesie
Mini Parkweltmeister

It happened last night. Hours before, we were sweating 36 degrees all day. Hours later my white shirt still sticked to my breast. Then it was, when I passed the sign near that door: REBOOT UNIVERSE – with a big red button below. It was hot, I was kaputt and climate-change is a fuck. I pushed the button, pulled the trigger. Universe rebooted. Doves sailed, david bowie played in the street and we made love all night. Check ignition and may god´s love be with you, she whispered in my ear.

Markus Pühringer
Werdegang: Journalist, Autor und Vater. Was mich antreibt: Philosophie, Menschen und Sport. biography: journalist, author and father. what moves me: philosophy, people and sport.