Coming out, straight

01.03.2020 / / Literatur & Poesie

I tell it right away,

and come straight out with it.

Don´t wanna put anyone astray,

cause holding it for 18 years was shit.


You know Homeland, right?

Starring Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison.

Having her personal bipolar-fight,

struggling with her personal Critique of Pure Reason.


Well, so am I.

Infected, if I may say.

Thinking, saying and doing weird things one might ask why.

Writing about it today,

cause I don´t wanna put anyone astray.


I wanna say sorry.

I wanna say thank you.

To family and friends to make them worry.

To family and friends. This is past due.


Why coming out now?

Cause eventually I accept my story of life.

And for life, this miraculous miracle, I´ll make any bow.

And as long as there is music, I´ll keep dancing the jive.

David Bowie – Space Oddity – Live 1974

Markus Pühringer
Werdegang: Journalist, Kellner, Autor und Vater. Was mich antreibt: Philosophie, Menschen und Sport. biography: journalist, waiter, author and father. what moves me: philosophy, people and sport.